Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are a major red flag if you want to succeed at anything. People are more likely to play the blame game than accept their faults and learn from their mistakes.

“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.” – Don Wilder

Like Don Wilder said, you are using the tools for building failure. You know you have to practice for that play or big soccer game but instead, you rather watch tv so you make up some dumb excuse. Its not something so uncommon as there are many people who do this for various reasons.

If you acknowledge you need to stop this useless habit and take control of your destiny then I’m going tell you how.

How To Stop Making Excuses

1. Take Responsibility for your actions

There are always going to be challenges in our lives no matter what aspect so put aside the blame game and man up.

Accept the fact that nobody wants this more than you and its up to you to make a difference. If you win, its your win. If you lose, its your loss. Own up to your actions.

2. Expect Challenges

The road to success is never easy. Heck, if it was everyone would get there in a flash. There are going to be plenty of bumpy roads ahead so prepare yourself for the best and worst.

Whether you like it or not, you will face challenges along the way so, you might as well avoid making excuses and get on with the job of overcoming them.

Once you learn to embrace challenges along your journey, you will become more confident, more empowered and as a result, more successful.

3. Start With What You Have Now

Have you ever heard people complaining about not having enough money, resources or time to do something they want? Most likely. You probably been one of those people. I know I was. Yes its true that we need funding amongst other valuable things to make it big but you are alive with energy, start now with what you have.

Since like attracts like, your thoughts and actions alone can get you the things you desire. There must be a strong will to succeed inside you, so strong that you will do what ever it takes. Excuses are very limiting ways of thinking and it gets you nowhere.

What ever you want to accomplish is possible and there is nothing in this world that can stop you but yourself.


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