Depression and anxiety, motivation


Staying motivated could be a real challenge especially when tough times hit. Sure you want this vision of yours to manifest sooner than never but you will hit that bump eventually. So what do you do now? You’re obviously frustrated. You probably invested thousands of dollars into your dream and it all went down the drain. I recently wrote about how to overcome failure so if you need some tips I highly recommend you check that out. To stay motivated during bad times you must first understand yourself and what keeps you motivated. Sure you might be saying understand myself? Thats right! See there are things we learn in school and there are things that can’t be taught there.


Seek training or mentorship  (Optional) – How can you expect to learn how to be an entrepreneur in school when your teachers themselves are employees? There are things in this life that was purposely hidden from the masses for various reasons. In order to gain knowledge we must first be willing to learn. If training programs don’t work for you then get self educated but always strive for more.


Positivity is no doubt the key to getting one step closer. Even though you don’t see the end goal, always believe in the end goal. No matter how difficult the road to success is always remember that if it was easy your cat would’ve done it first. Everything in life takes time so be patient. Money don’t grow on trees but it grows with the right knowledge about it. Yes knowledge. I’m not calling nobody a dumbass, That’s far from the truth. Infact if you’re reading this you just made your first step. Congrats! Me personally, I have a very good and sometimes twisted sense of humour, but that’s who I am lol. Relax, take it easy, be happy and positive about everything you do. Things will go bad but you don’t have to.

Laugh at your pain and let it be your strength. When you do this consistently you will totally  control the direction of what ever it is you want, There really isn’t much to this. I can go on for hours talking about this but the point is clear. Think of the reason you started and keep going.

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