Why Most People Will Never Be Wealthy

Most people dream of living a lavish life where they can afford just about anything and be comfortable. The reality is that only less than 5% achieve real financial freedom and only 1% are extremely wealthy.

The average person has grown up in a family where he has never met or known anyone who was wealthy. Because of this it becomes harder if he ever becomes successful. Of course there are many other factors contributing to this but lets start with the basics. Many people don’t become wealthy because they simply don’t think its quite possible.



Everything you do or don’t do is all up to you. Even if you watch motivational videos on YouTube or spend money on a program, you’re not going to get to the other side unless you take action.


“Oh I can’t right now, maybe tomorrow.” Its usually the wrong time, the wrong day or the wrong week for some people. You hear it all the time. They give huge promises and when the time comes for action, nothing gets done. Me personally, I lost quite a few business partners because they could never do what was originally planned. Don’t be that person.


As previously stated many people simply don’t become wealthy because they don’t think it can happen. Our thoughts have a major role to play in the things we manifest in life and wealth is no different.

If being successful is your goal then you need to have faith that it is possible.


There is a huge difference between the way the rich use money and the way the poor do. Rich people spend money on investments to increase their wealth. They spend plenty of time aquiring assets while the poor aquire liabilities.

Poor people on average live from check to check so they’re broke just before pay day. The middle class on the other hand spend their money on expensive stuff they don’t need to look rich. They usually end up in debt up the ass. Rich people on the other hand know how to play the game so they close more deals, form more partnerships and in turn, more money.

If you want to be financally free you need to learn how to manage your money more efficiently.

With that said I hope this was helpful to you dream chasers out there and be sure to share this with someone.


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