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How To Overcome Failure

If you weren’t born from a virgin in a stable you’ve most likely experienced failure.  Failing isn’t something worth being scared of to be honest. In fact, if you don’t fail, you don’t learn. Thomas Edison once said, he haven’t failed but found 1000 ways that didn’t work. Overcoming failure does not mean learning how to not fail but simply how to move on and continue reaching for your goal.

How do you overcome failure?  simple. here is a detailed breakdown.


Sure you’re going to be extremely disappointed you didn’t attract what wanted to manifest in  your life  and that’s ok.  After the first shock of disappointment wears off,  work on accepting what happened.  Yes this is easier said than done but it’s possible. Get in touch with your true self, swallow your pain and focus on the prize. Nothing worth it is easy but it’s worth it nonetheless.

let failure be your motivation

Every time you fail at something just remember that you are one step closer to success.  In life we should learn from our mistakes and let it be our fuel.

I myself fail at something every other day and it’s no amusement ride.  When I started writing for example I had no idea what I was doing. Did I let it stop me? Absolutely not. I am still learning and I enjoy every part of it.  There is no shame in failing no matter how depressing it is. True strength will prevail so be strong my fellow warrior. How do you overcome failure you ask? Keep going and don’t give up!

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