How To Build your self confidence

Self confidence is such an important necessity in our lives yet many people find it difficult to believe in themselves. I know because this was me about 5 years ago. I was so shy and nervous most of the time, especially around women. Nice guys are usually shy, and that’s why they never get the girl.

Chicks dig the confident dude. Heck, if I knew this years ago I’d bag all the chicks I missed out on n the past. No man is perfect though. It takes lots of trial and error to become a better version of yourself. At least in the end its worth it.


Like I said, building your self confidence takes time and lots of mistakes along the way.

The good news is that becoming more confident is readily achievable, just as long as you have the focus and determination to carry things through. And what’s even better is that the things you’ll do to build your self-confidence will also build success – after all, your confidence will come from real, solid achievement. No-one can take this away from you.

STep one : get rid of all doubt

Easier said than done right? Doubt isn’t uncommon amongst us all given the right situation but its something we can overcome with practice. This includes being brave no matter what issue you face. It all goes back to thinking positive. Never let your emotions be the driving force behind your decisions, instead, relax and take it easy. Almost nothing you face in this world is to be taken personal.

Getting rid of any possible fear that arises in different aspects of your life allows you to be an unstoppable force.


Look in the mirror. Like what you see? If you want to boost your self confidence you’re going to have to dress the part. Wear what makes you feel great and you will get a slight shift in the way you view yourself.

Its not materialistic to want to look good. In fact, the first thing anyone you meet is going to judge you by is your looks. Its not about them though, its about making you feel more empowered. You know for a fact you won’t get a job or navigate in society dressing like a bum so looking the part is extremely important.


You’ll be either successful or unsuccessful based on the people you associate with. This shouldn’t be a surprise since like attracts like.

I can’t tell you how much amazingly talented people who gave up on their dreams because of negative influences. Once you get the right company your overall life sees an improvement.

The fastest way to learn anything is to only hang around people who have  similar interests and are more experienced. More commonly known as mentors, they’re like the ultimate life hack to finding success.

There really isn’t much to being confident as long as you change your overall way of thinking. It’s not an overnight journey but life will be so much easier for you.

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