about us



Everyone of us desire to be successful whether it be moderate success of to be filthy stinking rich. If you’re here that definitely means you.

This website is about helping others achieve financial freedom, health and fitness benefits and many more by offering helpful tips, advice, motivation or whatever gets your motors ticking.


My name is Lester and I enjoy blogging,tavelling and staying fit. I decided to create the confident warrior out of my passion for writing. It started out as a bit of a hobby actually  because I also write and produce music. I am a very open minded person who love to explore new possibilities and create awesome shit out of nothing. Its an addiction at this point. I believe that the power given to us by the most high should be utilised to its full potential.

I love meeting new interesting people and I am very much looking to share my thoughts with each and every one of you. Just hit me up or something. We can share ideas an who knows, we can take over the world (jk).  Or am I?

I try to write as much as I can so please let me know what you think of my work.