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5 Reasons why being selfish isn’t really a bad thing

When most people hear the word “selfish” it’s easy to think of something negative. The truth is , everyone is selfish to a certain degree. The first thing you think of on a morning is most likely not about someone’s teeth or their stinky arm pits.  I think it’s selfish of someone who thinks someone is selfish for not thinking about their needs. A farmer can’t feed a horse if he himself is starving.  A winner can’t win if he’s too focused on everyone else.

5 reasons why being selfish isn’t such a bad thing?


Selfish people tend to take better care of themselves instead of giving too much energy away serving the needs of everyone else. Would a selfless person exercise, eat healthy or dress properly? Ofcourse not. If everybody’s business is on your mind then chances are, you’re doing bad in life. I dare you to take some time away from tv, drama and every other distraction and do something self-uplifting today.


Studies have shown that acting in your own self-interest you may give you an advantage in leadership roles. Selfish people are more confident and less likely to give up on goals. They go after what they want unapologetically, and they’re not afraid to ask for the raise or promotion. Selfish people have a drive to succeed. There is often a higher purpose to be a great leader–taking care of other people. But if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t care for others. Being selfish is critical. It’s not a crime or sin so you might as well.


Selfish people do what they want, when ever they want. The less you care the more at peace your mind is. If you focus on your goals or whatever, you will be alot more happier than if you  had to think of someone else’s problems. That is honestly depressing. If I had to be at a life changing board meeting and I didn’t make it simply because one of my friends is having a baby, I’d probably get fired. I’m not saying to be a dick here but in life we need to have priorities. I’m sure your friend will understand. Be happy, stay happy and do you.

4. you will have better relationships

People will have a harder time manipulating or taking advantage of you if you’re selfish. Setting boundaries means knowing where you end and the other person begins. If you have trouble being self-focused, you might have trouble saying no. To be a healthy, grounded person, you need to be selfish. If you’re looking to a partner to fill your emotional needs, your relationship is vulnerable. The best relationships happen when two adults show up and enjoy each other.


Time for self-care creates room for clarity and renewal.  It makes you mentally sharper and able to be more creative and effective.  Have you ever gotten a good idea or solved a problem while taking a shower or going for a walk?  If so, you already know the value of taking a break from constant activity. Being productive is required to be successful and if you care too much, good luck.

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