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3 simple ways to overcome fear and anxiety

Fear is a concept created by our thoughts and imagination that simply doesn’t exist at all.Its the number one reason why we justify not getting alot of important things done.Sure we can all say that fear is a normal reaction but is it really?To understand fear itself is to understand the subsconcious part of our brain and how it works.Anxiety,stress,depression and so on are all born out of something or many things we fear or look at in a negative light.It can be very hard to fall out of the mentioned conditions above but luckily I have compiled 3 simple ways to overcome such menacing mental torchers.

1. Accept it

Im going to be totally honest when I say this but unless you admit you’re afraid its just not going anywhere.Yes being afraid of something we feel like is normal but yes in some way it actually is and thats why its important to face those fears.You can talk to your friends and family about it and its highly recommended that you do because holding it in actually causes more damage.

2. Calm down

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the things we fear and get tense and this then creates a feeling of doubt and negative thoughts rampage through our head.Its recommended to just relax,take a deep breath and remind yourself that whatever situation you’re going through is only temporary.For me personally I smoke weed and meditate but thats totally up to you whether or not this is for you.There are other forms of meditation like yoga but the point is that you should totally relax,life’s beautiful and fear is just something we ourselves create.

3. Practice positive thinking

I am usually an advocate of positive thinking and the unlimited potential we can unlock with ourselves with the right mentality.More often than others the main thing that contributes to fear,anxiety and any form of low self-esteem is negative thinking.Its a no brainer to be honest.You get what you give and if you keep putting out negativity that’s exactly what will return to you.Like I said previously,meditate,relax,take a deep breath and think about all the little things in your life you have ow that makes you happy regularly and soon enough you will wonder what in the heck you were so afraid of.

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