3 Main Reasons Most People Give Up On Their Dreams

Most people have dreams and aspirations but for some reason only a handful of people actually succeed. There are many reasons why most of us don’t become successful. The source of the problem comes from giving up before we get there. No one truly knows how close they are to success and just the idea of failing causes the mental block known as fear which leads to giving up. Here I have listed the three main reasons most people give up on their dreams.

1. they stop believing in themself

The road to success is no walk in the park but it’s definitely worth the walk.People usually have a million dollar idea but shy away from it as soon as an obstacle appears.Everything in this life takes time and success is no different.It’s very easy to stray from the path of success and most times it’s our own doubt created in our minds which bring forth this mind set.No matter how hard things get you have to always have faith that things will work out because it does in the end.

2. they find it too difficult

Let’s be honest, if it was easy everyone would do it.Nobody becomes successful without having any obstacles to overcome or any barriers to climb. So if you’re finding it too difficult, continue to challenge and push yourself in order to grow and learn. No one starts with complete knowledge. You’ll get there eventually.

3. they are easily distracted

A dream or end goal requires a lot of attention, consistently. People may not have any other pressing life issues or problems when they first begin working towards their dreams, but that doesn’t mean that other problems won’t arise within their life during the process.

Being consistent is a main factor of success and without consistency we are more likely to fail.Maybe you are a very busy person and can’t find time toward on your dream, (common excuse) if it truly means the world to you, you will find the time to work on your dream. There comes a time we have to sacrifice for our dreams and I’m sorry to say but unless you are willing to, say good bye to your dream.


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