3 helpful ways to set goals and achieve them


Setting goals is no doubt needed in order to be successful no matter what field you’re in. There are many things leading to success but setting goals will definitely get you closer. Sure it’s easier said than done and maybe you have valid reasons for not following up on your goals. Don’t worry,that is exactly why I wrote this so here are 3 ways you can set those goals and achieve them.


Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Me for example, I’m a mental learner so I literally visualise my day but some of you may need to write down your goals.Writing it down is the most common way but you might be like me so it depends on your personal preference. Most times we want to accomplish something but we get distracted so my best advice is to get rid of anyone and anything that isn’t compatible with your goals.


This one is obvious but procrastination is a hell of a dream killer. I once wanted to pee when I was on my bed and I literally stayed there like 30-45 minutes thinking if I should get out of bed or not. This is very common and everyone atleast have something they procrastinate about. So here’s the thing,it’s all about how bad you want it done because if your dreams are not a priorty in your life then you already set yourself up for failure. Here’s what I did, I reprogrammed my mind to believe that if I don’t do this,everything in my life is going to go downhill.Thinking like this got me out of bed before 5 and ready to start my day.


I’m going to fly like superman some day but right now my goal is to design me a badass suit. (just kidding) There are plenty of things that’s pretty amazing that we can achieve if we put our mind to it but let’s all be realistic ok. It’s very easy to get carried away and be delusional there for,setting small goals we know we can do is a great start.

Yes you can do anything you put your mind to and by no means am I trying to doubt you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and maybe you will fly like superman someday but be mindful of what you focus on. With that being said, get those goals together and start knocking them out.


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