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3 Cool Ways to make money online

With the ever increasing popularity of the internet it’s no surprise that it’s now the main go to place for consumers and business owners alike. Gone are the days when you had to travel overseas to shop (only) and get that new product. Now you can surf the web, click add to cart and boom! easy as that. With so many opportunities online to make money you would have to be bananas to atleast not consider it.  There are many ways to make money online that I won’t mention right now because I’m narrowing it to 3. I will most definatly cover more ways later. Ok so here are 3 really awesome ways to make money online.


Starting a blog is a great way to create passive income online if not the best.  First decide what you’re going to blog about. I would recommend choosing something you know a great bit about. You’re in it for the long run and this is by far on this list the most time consuming. Don’t get discouraged. Its worth it. Once you decide your niche (main topic) you choose the platform for your new blog.

Getting the blog started – You can either choose a free platform like blogger or even wordpress with a free sub domain. I personally would recommend using paid self hosting with wordpress. Find yourself a good domain name and register it with name cheap (recommended). Ok now that you have a domain name you now need web hosting. I personally use Ipage but there are many others to choose from like go-daddy or bluehost. Once you’re ready to go, start the show!

How to make money from blogging – There are many possible ways to earn from a blog but I will cover the most common ways.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display Ads
  • Create a product

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commision.

Display ads can be  displayed on your blog or website through ad networks such as google adsense and many others. It’s recommended to do this only after getting a huge ton of traffic.

Creating a product is pretty much self explanatory. Create and sell an e-book, training course or downloadable content.


Youtube, like a blog is also a great platform to make some good bucks behind your keyboard. There are tons of people making  ridiculous amounts of money on youtube. If you are an entertainer, coach, news source or whatever, youtube is for you. Youtube, along with google are in the top 3 visited websites on the internet. The third one being Facebook. You can start small if you don’t have expensive equipment or pro video editing skills and grow as you go.

Like everything online and offline the only way to succeed is to build a following. This takes time and alot of hard work but its totally worth it. Start creating today pal. You get paid from ads on your content so yes, that means you need tons of views. The good thing about youtube is that once you start earning, this could continue without you doing a thing. Ofcourse, your audience’s needs should be top priority.

3. Become a freelancer

Are you a skilled graphics designer, Seo expert among other things? maybe you should consider freelance work online. There are a few places where you could offer services online for pay like fiverr. On fiverr you can offer just about any service for $5. Cool right? You can also design ti-shirts on sites like tee-spring. There is Upwork where you can build a resume by taking and completing taks for clients. You can set your hours working as a freelancer and choose your own projects.  Like I said there are many ways to make money online but these are the ones I will cover for now.

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